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Who We Are

Our Synagogue

A Home for Spirituality, a Home for Contemporary Expression of a Rich Tradition, a Home for Connecting to Community...

Kehilath Israel Synagogue strives to be a warm and welcoming congregation, proud of its traditional values of learning Torah, engaging in meaningful and inspirational prayer and practices, and performing acts of loving-kindness.

The synagogue provides the congregation and the community a comprehensive schedule of daily minyanim in the Rose Morgan Chapel, and Shabbat and holiday services in the Rabbi Solomon Sanctuary.

When you enter the portals of Kehilath Israel Synagogue you immediately are impressed with the warmth of the beautiful atmosphere as well as the truly wonderful expression by the members and staff that says "we are happy you are here and joining us in kehillah (community)" whatever the reason, member or not. We believe that to be truly a Congregation of Israel, L'cho dodi, exemplifies who we are --- a welcoming home away from home, where one can learn, explore and express themselves as Jews.

We offer exceptional facilities for lifecycle celebrations, as well as cultural events, educational programs, and recreational activities. The KI building and campus provides a variety of spaces that become an extension of your own home. Volunteers partner with clergy and staff to provide exciting opportunities to enjoy this special community. The Caviar Family Scholar in Residence Series brings the very best in lecturers and educators to the Congregation - an example of a family investment in making Kehilath Israel a vibrant and living community asset.

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