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K.I. Next

KI Next is Kehilath Israel Synagogue's new young adults organization. Our mission is simple:  to plan fun, engaging events for an historically underserved part of our congregation - young adults ages 21 and older. KI Next is not a single idea or activity; it is a compaign to energize the future of KI. KI Next hosts one program every month, ranging from Shabbat luncheons to cooking classes to cocktail parties. In August 2015, we will host what will become our signature event, our Annual Retreat. Though the location is yet to be determined, the idea is to pick a venue where our members can get away from the real world and enjoy a Shabbat weekend wtih good friends, great activities, and just the right amount of prayer and learning.

KI Next events are open to all young adults in the congregation, and friends of congregants are welcome to attend and see what KI has to offer. There is no commitment required to particpate in our events. Come to one event or all of them; it's up to you. But give it a shot, event if you're not at regular Shabbat services or for that matter, any services.

KI Next is not the continuation of any prior group or organization - it is all-new, so whether or not your shul attendance record is less than perfect, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of what we fervently believe will become a vibrant social community.

Men's Club

KI Men’s Club is a social and service organization dedicated to assisting the synagogue (especially its youth) and the community at large. The Men’s Club sponsors dinners, social events, Sunday brunch speaker programs, facilitates blood drives and CPR/defibulator training for its members, the synagogue, and the community, provides High Holiday usher service to the synagogue, and strongly supports K.I.’s daily minyanim. The Men’s Club also subsidizes Cub Scout Pack 3153’s kosher food expenses for Scout Shabbat and for summer camp programs, and financially supports the synagogue to the best of its ability. For additional information about Men’s Club contact Greg Quinn, President, at 913.492.6812 or this email


Through the KI gift shop, membership dues, and other fundraising activities, KI Sisterhood provides financial and physical support to the synagogue for the maintenance of our two kitchens as well as preparing the Kiddush meal on most Shabbats. In addition, their fundraising continues to support the Sunday and Hebrew Schools. For additional information about Sisterhood contact Doris Gilgus, President, at 913.888.8714.


For over 25 years, scouting has been part of the KI tradition. Cub Scouting is the entry level for boys in the first through fifth grades of what is, without question, the best youth program in the world…. The Boy Scouts of America. Cub Scout Pack 3153 blends the complete Cub Scout Program with traditional Jewish values and experiences. The entire pack meets monthly (with family participation) under the leadership of the Cubmaster,Beth Albee, at Pack meetings. These meetings recognize advancement, and provide activities relating to the monthly theme. Weekly den meetings and activities, under the leadership of trained den leaders, meet in “dens” of boys determined by school grade level. The emphasis is on the Cubs having fun while gaining new experiences such as personal development, citizenship, pride, moral values, respect, responsibility, confidence, self-worth and life-long skills. For more information contact Beth Albee at 913.271.6798 or this email.


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