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Making Synagogue Donations

Every synagogue welcomes and establishes a procedure and format for any person who wishes to make a donation, small or large. Our synagogue is no different. Any person can make a synagogue donation in honor of, in memory of, in appreciation of, in observance of a Yahrzeit, or to the speedy recovery of a loved one or family friend.

When a donation of $10 or more is made, a card is sent to the recipient telling them that a donation in his/her name had been made to the synagogue by a particular person.

You may make a donation below with a credit card, or you can mail a donation to: 

Kehilath Israel Synagogue
10501 Conser
Overland Park, Kansas 66212

The generosity of our congregants has always been and will always be above and beyond our expectations.

To receive more information about making a donation, please email elizabeth@kisyn.org.



Fund to Donate toWhat it is used forDonate?
GeneralPay synagogue operating costsDONATE
BenevolentHelp the needyDONATE
Birenboim RitualRitual itemsDONATE
Blue Ridge CemeteryMaintain cemeteryDONATE
Breakfast ClubSupports our breakfastsDONATE
BuildingMaintain buildingDONATE
BusTransportation for the elderlyDONATE
Caviar YouthYouth activitiesDONATE
Charles & Anna RubinsSpecial projectsDONATE
Devinki FloralFlowersDONATE
Devinki IsraelSends member youth to IsraelDONATE
Devinki TorahRepair torahs and take care of covers & accoutrementsDONATE
Dreiseszun RecreationUpkeep of special gym floorDONATE
EndowmentLeave a legacy for future generationsDONATE
Esrig-GouldRitual itemsDONATE
FishmanKiddushim & Seudah foodDONATE
Fox KiddushFood for kiddushimDONATE
Frank MorganMajor speakers/eventsDONATE
GlassMember scholarshipsDONATE
Goldie ChaletMajor speakers/eventsDONATE
Greenberg Youth LoungeUpkeep of youth loungeDONATE
Jack & Sarah RubenK.I. family discretionDONATE
Judaica MuseumUpkeep of museum casesDONATE
K.I. ScholarshipYouth scholarshipsDONATE
Krinsky VideoLibrary media; children's activitiesDONATE
Living Torah ProjectFulfill the commandment to write a torah in your lifetimeDONATE
Mallin ChoirSupports our music programDONATE
Mallin ScholarshipSchool expensesDONATE
Odesnik RitualRitual itemsDONATE
Rabbi Mandl's DiscretionaryRabbi Emeritus' discretionDONATE
Rabbi Grussgott's DiscretionarySenior rabbi's discretionDONATE
Religious SchoolSupports our religious schoolDONATE
Ruben ChapelUpkeep of cemetery chapelDONATE
Rubins FundFor special projectsDONATE
Sarah Brown MemorialChildren & youth expensesDONATE
Schifman HungerHelp needy with foodDONATE
Sher MemorialBooksDONATE
Shiva Meals/ChesedMeals for people recovering from illness as well as families who have recently lost a loved oneDONATE
Spitcaufsky LibraryItems for our libraryDONATE
WacknovMember scholarshipsDONATE


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